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Friday, February 13, 2009

Raised Beds In Use

Here is the raised bed veggie garden in actual use. We had a very cool early summer and some things did very well and others, um, not so much. Tomatoes and peppers love heat and we had that unseasonably late this last year. In comparison, the cool weather crops were amazing. It was my first year growing these early vegetables. The directions always say to direct-sow as soon as the earth in workable. Do they know I live in Idaho? And do they also take into account some people garden in raised beds? That makes workable soil way earlier than in a traditional row garden. So needless to say, I was intimidated and held off on the unknown until I finally decided to jump in, sink or swim. I can't believe I waited so many years to grow this early season stuff. Peas out of the garden can't be beat. Lettuce, fresh picked, will even be consumed by a picky teenager. The beds are each outfitted with a metal grid that makes it much harder for the cats to have a good 'ole time (potty) in my vegetables. That too is something I learned after the first year. As soon as everything grows up, you can no longer see it. I did not use pressure treated lumber because I wasn't sure if treated lumber was bad for my health or not, I decided to err on the side of caution. I will need to replace these sooner than if they had been treated but we may all live longer because of it.
I actually planted a fall harvest crop of peas after the spring peas were done and that worked out nicely. Not as much to harvest and the plants weren't as big but fresh peas are fresh peas. In the far back corner you can see a tower that I grew pole beans on. I liked the texture and height it added to the garden. I like it to be easy and pretty if possible. There are always so many projects to be done that I have a hard time appreciating what does look nice and function well. I am very impatient and that doesn't always work in my favor. The list just gets longer every year, never shorter. But some good old fashioned "Dirt Therapy" is usually good for the soul. I need spring to get here.


  1. There is the box! Wow- this is amazing. I wish I lived closer so I could get some of those fresh veggies!

  2. I've never planted tomatoes in the box. Usually, I use boxes for carrots, beets and other small things. Maybe I should try. Thanks for the idea!

  3. I did a fall crop of peas last year too. They definitely were not prolific and had trouble with powdery mildew, but still they were tasty.

  4. Hi, it looks so nice in your garden. I also use raised beds, and it the perfect way for vegetables / gittan

  5. Heather, this is amazing! What a huge and beautiful set-up! You are a talented gardener.

    Good idea with the cat wires. My indoor cats terrorize my indoor plants - I can only imagine what they could do in the veggie garden!

  6. Looks beautiful -- and orderly! So what's your secret for keeping weeds out of the paths? I have garden fabric between my beds and bark mulch and still the ground ivy encroaches from every angle.

  7. Wow they are awesome.... Can you share step by step instructions on building one?


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