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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Garden Room in Draft Phase

Well, here I sit, in front of my computer. By now I am sure that comes as no suprise to anyone. I am in desperate need of spring. We have two new inches of snow here and I can honestly tell you that fact does not thrill me. I am trying to remind myself that water is good here. I just happen to think it's better on the mountain at this point. Oh drat, I just looked out the window and it is actually snowing again. Like how I said drat and not some other word?

I have recently added myself to a site called Blotanical. So far it seems to be like Facebook for garden geeks. I like it. I have spent the better part of several days looking at other people's garden blogs and getting ideas for my own summer projects. Kind of like driving through neighborhoods and taking pics without leaving the warm comfort of my house. Or, getting out into the dang old snow. So in keeping with the theme of developing next season's garden list of things to do, I have put a very rough draft of a possible garden room up. My scale may be a little off but I am not going out "there" to measure for anyone. The bed at the top of the page is already in place in front of a big window on my home and travels left to a small bed in front of the porch area. My husband tore out the cement walkway a few years ago and although he seems to be ok with an ugly scar in the lawn there, I am not. So all the other objects and lines on the map are new. The funny little outlines are the new flat rock path I would like to make to the garage. Maybe even have some big potted plants on either side of that new walkway where it meets the existing walkway. I like color and that seems like a nice way to add it. Dogs can't lay in that way. So here it is........

The patio I have in a recent post would be to the left of that left-hand walkway. Currently this whole area, save for the top bed with the Maple tree, is grass. Obviously there will still be grass but I would like to mow less grass and have "rooms" in my garden. I will also likely need another job to finance all of these planned trees and shrubs, but what the heck.
So comments and suggestions are welcome. I am open to all possibilities. I would like a flowering crabapple, which I have added as a possibility, but all other ideas are invited. Also, the garage roof sheds snow into this area so I cannot have hard stemmed or shrubby things in the right hands side of this plan. Most other perinneals are possible. Another idea would be to have a garden bench or small reading nook in this area. I also like to bird watch and will be able to see this area from the large window at the top of the page. I just want cozy and petty. We are set back from the road quite a ways and seperated from the traffic by a huge expanse of lawn cordoned off by a large circle drive. Always trying to hide the old house with pretty yard.


  1. Hi Heather, thanks for visiting me at Blotanical. I'm impressed with your garden plans. Me, I just wing it. Nothing gets down on paper and I'm always sorry! Love your raised beds, too! No more snow here for me in central NJ (knock on wood) but still cold and windy and my garden has not shown any life yet!
    Looking forward to getting to know you :)

  2. Welcome the to blogging world! It's always nice to meet a fellow Idaho gardener. We're only about 2 1/2 hours from each other. I like your raised beds, I have them, too. Hope all your garden plans work's a good way to pass the time until Spring.

  3. You have lots of great plans. It's almost as much fun doing the planning as it is to see the final results. It looks like you have lots of space to work with. Your raised beds are very nice! I'll be looking forward to seeing pictures of your plans coming to life!

  4. Heather how many acres DO you have? My goodness! I love what you are sharing here. I wish my thumb was a little bit more green- and that I had a yard. Well we have a yard but California style. You know the type.....pass your neighbor a cup of coffee thru a window type deal? I am REALLY loving the look of your blog. Very classic. I need Peter!

  5. Hi Heather,
    I look forward to reading your blog in more detail when I have a little time, but I thought I'd jot down a couple of comments for now:
    First, by all means include a bench in your plans- you can't have enough seating, and it could add a destination or a focal point. Seats are really important- they allow people to stay and feel comfortable in the garden, they provide a purpose and a means to experience and enjoy the garden.
    Also, this might sound pretty minor, but add a curve to the path. It is amazing how simple it is, but how much it adds to the landscape. Your eye follows a straight line really quickly and moves automatically to the end, but a simple curve (like an "s") adds a lot more depth and even a little intrigue. Plus, supposedly evil spirits will have a harder time getting to your house. I'll show you some pictures of a concrete path I redid in my backyard to add a curve- I'll post it on my blog, soon (sounds like a good idea for a post).

  6. Hi Heather, wow! I have been reading your blog tonight and have been spellbound! You have done a lot of work! I love your plans-both the ones you've finished and ones you've outlined. I can't wait to watch them come to fruition! I have had the idea for raised bed this year too, and can't wait to get some put in so I can plant away! My yard is clay and rocks so the raised beds will be ideal. I only learned about them by reading other bloggers stories on Blotanical. I also enjoyed your ideas about creating garden areas where you planted perennials, butterfly attracting plants, etc! I've done a lot of that in the past...and, have plans to enlarge several areas in my front yard this year. I will be following your plans as you go along (when I can, that is! I've met so many wonderful people on Blotanical that it's difficult to always keep up with everyone every day but I'll try:)) Take care! Jan


Thank you for your ideas, suggestions or greetings. I love to hear from you and read them all.

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