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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Garden Room Plan... Still Planning

A while back I posted a early draft of my first garden room and asked for some suggestions as to what to do in that area. I originally had a strait stone path to the garage but David from Montana Wildlife Gardener suggested curving it which does look a ton better. He brought up the fact that anytime your eye has time to wander to the other end, rather than shoot strait to the other side, it adds interest. I agree, just hadn't thought of that. Thanks David! I also intend to add a stone landing where I will have a garden bench or some other place to rest while in this part of the yard. The borders are governed by the garage, the walkway to the house, the house and a fence. I plan to mound the beds a little to keep the plants elevated a touch which should serve two purposes; One will be to add some height and the other will be to keep the plants' feet out of the water. This is a low spot in my yard. On my never ending list of things to do, I have "Re-side Garage". The garage is ugly but not my highest priority, maybe this will hide it a little more. Please excuse my very basic drawing of the plan, my only drawing software comes from "paint" preloaded on my computer. Not a very good program but it does the trick. I am really looking forward to a plan as I rarely have one drawn out. It should fit in with my type A personality very well. More ideas are welcomed as only some of the hardscaping has changed. Our snow is leaving pretty quickly now. YEAH!!!!! We have had some pretty hard rain and that helps get rid of the white stuff faster than simply melting. Bring on the rain, everyday I see more brown where green will soon be. It won't be long now.


  1. I like that picture of your plan Heather. What did you use to do it? Not free draw I think. Yup, I think curved paths are best. Not too curvy. My thing is that you should not be able to see the end of the path or where you are going-it should be a surprise. The mystery of it all. That's probably why I have so many 'rooms' in my garden. Looks pretty good, make sure it functions for you.

    Could not get into Blotanical. I am sure Stuart is working it out. These tech things are time consuming and not perfect. Thanks for the heads up on it. I had not tried yet this morning.

  2. Looks great. I cant wait to have some blank slate land! I cant get very creative any more in my teeny little yard. Its so full now!

    Yes, something is wrong with blotanical. I hope it fixes quick.

  3. Heather your plan looks great - I was wondering if you used a program too. I like curvy, swervy and lopsided. LOL Can't wait to see it when ya get started.
    Sure a strange message that came up at Blotanical.

  4. I think it'll look very nice. I love pathways, and idea of them drawing your eye down. I'm glad your snow is melting!

  5. Heather,

    It looks good! You can always dress up the garage with a trellis or two. Curves make the paths much more interesting. Mapping out a plan definitely helps but don't be afraid to veer from that plan as new ideas come along. I do it all the time!

  6. Heather,
    I'd wait on the garage. This orchard on your to do list seems to me to be something you might want to get going on, so watering trees in the summer is not needed as much.

    We just did a curved path, it's not curved much as the area is pretty small between out deck and the pond.

    Looks like Blotanical went a tad over bandwidth.

  7. Hi Heather, in the snowy north.

    Wanted to suggest that you make sure the walkway is spaced the right amount for your stride. It would drive me crazy if the spacing messed up my stride. Just my 2 cents. Look forward to Spring.

  8. Tina & Raingardener- The program I used was Paint, it came on my computer. Not very functional but worked well enough. It would be nice to easily drag and drop the things I drew but not that sophisticated.

    Dave- Veering is my middle name. The list just makes me feel better about it all.

    Randy- I agree, if I just disguise the garage, I can do other things with my money, like plant more of my orchard. (And build my chicken house!) My path is also not curved much as you can see in the picture but the space isn't too terribly large so I will play with it during installation.

    SuburbanGardener- Good call on the spacing. It honestly would have never crossed my mind. I will play with that aspect of the design too.

    Thank you all for the support and ideas. Can't wait for Blotanical to come back up. Hope Stewart didn't decide to bag it all. :D

  9. Such lovely plans and what fun to get a lot of input from blog friends. It will be nice to watch it all unfold.

  10. Nice plan. Guaranteed nicer when done. Regarding Blotanical, I hope it will be up and about soon.

  11. Oh I've got paint - in fact I used it once like you just did - to do my yard and put in all of the different flowerbeds for a friend who was staying here and taking care of the watering when we went to California. She was dying to stay in the country so it was a good exchange.

  12. Great plan! I think your garden will look wonderful. Like the earlier post said, don't worry about the garage, you'll get to it when you get to it. Plus plants are lots more fun, especially since you have plenty of room to grow many different species. I should start call you my niece "Martha Stewart". Ha, ha! Love ya, Robin

  13. Isn't it great fun to plan and plant a garden? I love it! Just a quick note on some plants to watch out for...I love daylillies, but they can be very aggressive so I would plant them in their own separate eventually they will take over everything! And digging them up constantly can get a little tiring year after year...Also...Native plants are wonderful for attracting wild life...
    Rochelle at Cool Garden Things


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