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Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Compost In Need of Remodel

I got this very cool compost tumbler for my birthday a couple years ago. Does anyone see the trend here? Pygmy goats, compost tumblers. My next birthday is coming up and I fear what is next. Actually, I loved this gift and the goats are still growing on me. We chose this one by Mantis. It is called a ComposT-Twin Compost Tumbler. It has two 10 bushel chambers so you can fill one while you cook the other. The company claims 14 days to Brown Gold but it is really more like 6 weeks in my world. I probably could get it done a little faster if I really paid attention to it but I get easily side tracked. This will be the third year with this gadget and I really like it. Plus non-gardeners are always asking funny questions about it, which is often a good laugh for us.
The real problem lies in the pile we have waiting to go into the compost tumbler. This is not so pretty and I plan to do something about that this year. In the beginning we tried to contain it with some left over wire cattle panels.

I had tons of sod to add and didn't want to put it in the pile inside the cage so I dumped it out in front. Sod is very heavy when first removed from a new planting bed. We recently acquired a chipper/shredder so now the options are endless. We are going to shred all this stuff and add it to a newly built compost system. My husband just doesn't know this yet. I have to let him come up with the plan and then I will pull out the drawings and pictures of how I want it to look. We are getting awfully handy with the little building projects. That little willow shrub needs to come out too but that is another day, another project. One step at a time around here.


  1. Wow. That's a fancy machine.

    Compost bins can be beautiful and creative if one puts the effort in to it. It could be be built to look like a miniature barn with a roof that is hinged to open up.

    My new compost bin is a dual chamber model like your machine (no spinning) and it is also a potting bench/ work bench.

    Possibilities are endless.

  2. That does look like a good machine for churning out the compost. What would be really neat is if it could be hooked up to a small windmill and rotated automatically. Kind of like roasting a chicken!

  3. Heather, I am very envious of your compost tumbler and your lovely garden shed. My compost bin is made of old boards and looked bad enough even before my husband dumped the ash bucket into it (with hot coals) and set fire to it. We are in NB, Canada and still watching the snow recede inch by inch...still over 2 feet in some parts of the garden, sigh...

  4. Heather~~ I've wondered about those tumbler composters. The premise seems sound, aeration speeds the decomposition process. Six weeks sounds enticing--a great birthday present.

    My compost is on the ground surrounded by the narrow upright black round things. Cheap but effective. I like the fact that having it on the ground attracts red worms and they do as much if not more of the decomposing as the aeration does. Plus they're kind of cool to watch. My perpetual problem is that I never seem to have enough compost to go around.

    Anyway, I can't wait to see what your next birthday present will be. :)

  5. Dave has a great idea. If a windmill isn't available, get one of those rotisserie things from Lowes or Home Depot. They make them for the grill. I'm sure you could come up with something.

    I finally turned my compost bin this morning. I noticed weeds sticking out of the side of it. I guess the cold weather kept it from warming up. I've been adding all my coffee and kitchen scraps since January.

  6. I think I would like to own a compost tumbler like yours. I will put one on my Christmas wish list, and see if Santa delivers. *grin*

  7. My mantra too-one step, one day at a time.... One piece of advice, build your compost with side slats you can remove so you can sort your compost. The front of mine come off but then I have to heft the compost over the sides or out the front to put it in another bin. I find sorting it is necessary. Take care.

  8. Pretty cool machine. It's funny what us gardeners like for birthday gifts. Mine is in June so I always ask for something for the yard, like compost or something like that. Good luck with the compost remodel.

  9. Frankly, your compost pile is prettier than mine.

  10. Kim has three compost piles going at all times, beginning, middle and end result. When we get chickens we're thinking he may even need another bin.
    Good luck with your birthday present this year!

  11. I wish I had room for a compost pile and, I want my garden back.
    I have a small spot for a potted shade garden and a "strip" for a sunny garden.
    Guess I should be happy for that.

  12. Heather a composter for your bday? Wow- I thought I took the cake for that prize. My boyfriend at the time got me a crock pot for my 21st bday. Sad huh? What is even sadder is I still have the same one. Cook with it at least 2 times a week!
    But a composter. Wow your hubby must really love ya! Haha

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