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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Chickens' Grand Adventure - The Search For Bugs and Worms

Last night we decided to let the chicks out of their run. We have always planned to allow them free range but they needed some size to live through it first. None of our animals are vicious but cats will be cats and bird dogs will be spanked. Just kidding!

Yes, you see shade cloth on the west wall of the chicken run. It also wraps around to the south for about six feet. It just got too hot for my little peeps so I created a sun block. Clever, huh? Here they are wondering why I left the door open for them.
In this photo you can see the ones in the back wondering what the hold up is. "Run for it, would ya?"
Here they are actually realizing there are bugs in that grass! Grasshoppers be gone! Gone I say~

And of course the goats have to come check things out! They didn't stay long as they really weren't sure what the heck the chickens were. Ollie could not have cared less, he used to live in a coop with the chickens in his last home. I think he was staying away so we didn't put him back in. Maybe he likes other goats more now.
And of course, Monica is still the only photogenic bird we have. She poses for pictures and then jumps in your lap. She isn't shy. Love her!

So all in all, I think they girls (and two boys) had a wonderful time on their first adventure. Shooing them back in wasn't too difficult but it helped to have two of us. We were even rewarded with the sound of a rooster crowing this morning. Anyone want a rooster? Free to good home!


  1. Lovely to see the chickens enjoy their freedom - and the bug count must now be much lower!

  2. How fun! I cant wait to have chickens and a few small goats.

  3. So... does that mean you won't take my rooster? :)

  4. How cute! Our chickens love the grasshoppers too.
    Monica looks just like Tootsie.

    In the 3rd pic, what are those pretty brown and white speckled hens?

  5. Lol, Heather! Them chicks sure are getting big! I love Monica..she's living up to her name as the 'Mother Hen'? Just got back from vacation and boy, do I have weeding to do! Btw, congrats on your corn and tomato yummy looking!!

  6. How cute! I was wondering how you got them all in once they were let out, but it sounds like it wasn't too bad.

  7. It's fun to train them to come to some sound, so you don't end up shooing them in or running after them. Ours will coop themselves in the evening.

    Good luck placing your rooster. It can be a challenge. Are you up for making soup?

  8. Speckled Sussex, huh? Very pretty! And it looks as if your Wyandottes have more white on them than Jelly Bean. Chickens are so fun.
    Ours are putting themselves to bed around 8:45.

  9. Your chickens look so gorgeous and healthy, Heather! Thanks for capturing them for us on their big adventure!

  10. Give Monica a peck on the cheek for me :)

  11. These are beautiful and pampered chickens!! I love the shade cloth too! I have some recent pics of ducklings hatching on my blog you might be interested in seeing when you get a chance...

    Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

  12. Heather,
    I can't tell you how glad I am to hear I'm not the only one with chickens who like to sit on laps!


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