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Friday, June 12, 2009

More Veggie Pictures

My potatoes are apparently on steroids this past week. I know that potatoes like it cool but this is insane. I added more compost on Monday and one other time about a week before that. I had actually covered the stems up pretty well and as you can see it is time to take the last cuff out of the bag and add even more. I sure hope there are lots of baby potatoes in these sacks.

This is my first year growing potatoes and I am very hopeful. I am using only soil and compost as the  bag directions stated but have read about many people using straw and layering it that way. If this does not work for me I will try something different next year.
I also have bell peppers. With the cool down of that last week and a half, I am suprised I have them but happy nonetheless. This variety is a Big Bertha, which I might add I chose because I loved the name. I have 16 of these planted. Last year I took my excess peppers and chopped them up like I would cook with them and used my foodsaver to bag and vacuum them, then froze them. I did not buy a bell pepper to cook with until March of this year. I love that since bell peppers are several dollars here in the winter. Mine were free.
And this is a North Atlantic Giant pumpkin plant (or three). Doyle likes to try to grow big ones for the kids every year. This year he says he is only keeping three on the vine, surely that will put some size on them. We will see, last year the cows ate every last one that crept through the fence into the pasture. They didn't even remove them from the vine, just ate the fruit. Crazy cows. Who says happy cows are from California, I am thinking they live happily ever after right here in Idaho, snacking on pumpkins.


  1. That's funny about your happy Idaho cows! Your potatoes look great and I did the same with my peppers -- and tomatoes!

  2. Love the idea of cows snacking on pumpkins! ha ha!
    Our potatoes have yet to rise to the surface of the soil! We used potatoes from our pantry. Think that will work???? ha ha! Well, if it doesn't we haven't lost much.

  3. That cracks me up about the cows!

    Your potato plants are PROLIFIC! When will you harvest?

    I can't believe you already have BPs. I don't even have blooms yet!!!

  4. Heather,
    Lets see you planted your potatoes about 2 months after we did. Now in just a week they are as big as ours. Must be something about Idaho and growing potatoes. Can not believe you have peppers that big either, ours are barley thumb size here.

  5. How great to have peppers already! I hope you get some big pumpkins, you seem to have lots of space for them to spread out and grow.

  6. There's something in that soil, Heather. You've definitely got a healthy crop

  7. Whoa everything is looking very big and healthy! Too funny about happy Idaho cows.

  8. Your potatoes are looking going to try that system next year, as I never have enough space in my garden.
    You will love the Big Bertha peppers....they get HUGE. I order the seed and start them myself. I also like one called Super Heavyweight. I freeze mine,too. Some I cut in strips for fajitas.
    I'm enjoying the cooler weather, it got too hot to fast!

  9. Our potatoes are taking off too. I was just looking at them tonight thinking...gosh..I am going to have to hill them again!! Dad usually mulches them with straw, but the weeds still get pretty bad. Not sure if we are going to do it again this year or not. Nice system you've got going there. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

  10. HI: hav'nt grown potatos in years, perhaps next year. Left a question for you about your comment on jwlwgardens. Which garden where you refering to ?

    Enjoy the evening,

  11. What a great idea to chop up and freeze the extra peppers - that must be great for winter stews and such.


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